Thursday, 2 May 2019

happy fathers day wishes

These are the letters by which we can share all our feelings. Father is the person we always find around us when we need support and encouragement. We see him as the most loving, powerful, and knowledgeable person. We can not afford to miss the opportunity to treat this person in a special way on his birthday, which is one of the most important means of support and strength behind our survival.

Letters from a son to father
The letters from us to our fathers would actually mean a pledge of love and our greatest expressions.

It is a very true fact that the relationship of a father and a son is more like that of friends. If a son presents a little letter that includes his feelings and expressions would be really cherished by the fathers.
Dear daddy,
There are so many things that I would like to tell you face to face. I'm missing words or I can not find the time or place. But in this special letter, Dad, you will find, at least in part, the feelings that years have left in my heart. The memories of your childhood and all that you have done to make our home a place of happiness and to grow while having fun.

I still remember the walks we made, the games we played; those confidential conversations we had while sitting in the shade. This letter comes to thank Papa for his praise; the tips and advice that also shaped my days of growth. None of my words can tell you, dad, what I really feel; but you must know that my love for you is durable, warm and real.
Dear daddy,


I know people would say, I remember you at Father's Day! One day a year ... But dad, I want you to know that I have always loved you and that I always wanted to tell you ... but cuddly ... Last month, I visited you, I stayed with you for three years. weeks. We have discussed less, discussed more. I always made my point against you. I have always thought that your ways of doing things are different, if not wrong. I sometimes even fought ... I told you millions of stories about my work, my friends, the world, the Internet, technology ... but I never spared a few moments to listen to your stories. Stories about your work, your friends, your world.

Now that I'm miles away from you, I miss you. I miss you talking to you, sitting in front of you.

There is not a single moment in my life that does not remind me of you! My work, my skills, my knowledge are entirely because of you. When people praise me for my work, I can not say aloud, but I know in my heart that these praises are because of you.
When I receive a promotion, I earn my salary ... I know somewhere in my heart that it's again because of you.
Thank you for your love and care, for happy childhood days, celebrations and unforgettable moments!
Dear dad, I wish you long days full of joy and happiness!


Dad, I'm very proud of you, for every little gesture you made, you were, and will always be my hero! I will always look at you, because you are the best!


The word "dad" contains so many warm and pleasant memories. To tell you this word every day brings me so much pleasure and makes me really happy. I congratulate you for the holidays!


Dear dad, thank you for your help, your support, to be there when I was down! I love you so much, happy Father's Day!